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Get a second pair of eyes on your

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Why Use a Proofreader?

Minor errors trigger major credibility doubts in a reader's mind. The effect of a typo or other mistakes in your document can be disproportionately negative. Many highly educated people have a tough time with spelling and punctuation. Spell-checking programs such as Microsoft Word catch a lot of errors, but not all.

Consider the following sentences:

Give me a break.

Give me a brake.

Give me a breaq.

MS Word only recognizes the spelling mistake in the third example; it isn't smart enough to discern context in the other two. There are thousands of potential traps like this, and most of us are our own worst editors. Let TheProofreader help you avoid errors that could be costly or embarrassing, or both, before you commit your novel, ad copy, business proposal, or professional correspondence to its intended audience.

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